Local Wildlife

Tom “MOLTOM” Molnes


Representing the best of the west, Tom is a producer/songwriter for all occasions. After finishing a bachelor in music production, his career has skyrocketed into the Norwegian music industry. By excelling in a wide variety of genres like urban, hip-hop, pop, C-pop and EDM, Tom has cut songs from pretty much all camps and sessions he’s attended, making a solid name for himself as a very diverse producer. If you want a producer who is brilliant at reading the room and mirroring the mood, while still adding a unique touch to the production, Tom is your guy!


Thus far his music has been played on radio all around Europe, sold to china or saved to dropbox. Tom has also been listed on New Music Friday in all Nordic countries.

Elsbeth "EHLE" Rehder

Elsbeth is a singer, songwriter and session vocalist with an exuberant personality that is reflected in her creative work. With a voice that can make even a diamond go soft, she will be ready to nail every note, even if the topline moves between three octaves. Her songwriting skills are just as impressive as her vocal performance. If you want a song that always keep you on your toes lyrically, she is more than happy to create some interesting and clever lines. 

Erika “IAMERIKA” Dahlen

Erika writes songs and cuddle dogs. She is also lacking some common knowledge and usually never notice, to our enjoyment. Erika is a dog-loving trønder-vegetarian (Orkdaln represent), who’s laughter affects everyone around her. She just finished 4 years of studying songwriting, performance, music and sound technology at LIPA, and is a top notch singer and songwriter. Erika is our go-to when harmonies are to be harmonised, and when the vocal performance needs to be like champagne on ice. You can tell she really loves what she does, and that results in magical music-making and cuts all over the world. When Erika’s not writing songs, she’s watering plants, eating avocados and cuddling dogs - if she could choose, a dog would be present in the studio at all times. This is one to watch. You’re gonna go far, kid! 


(Please bring your dogs to Rena)

Torgeir “Ryss” Ryssevik

In a creative collective it is well known that there is only room for one “Bergenser” at a time. Our current placeholder for that position is held by Torgeir. His strong suits are coping with rain, playing the piano and heightening the mood in any room that he enters. With a great passion for conversing with other people, Torgeir is a great addition to any session. With over 10 years of production experience, he has wandered deep within the cluster of musical genres that we all know and love. This makes him eligible in pretty much any genre and gives him the ability to create something new and fresh. Last year he raked in several million streams as a producer and songwriter, proving that Torgeir is doing something right, despite being from Bergen.

Caroline Ventzel

Caroline is our senior digital marketing consultant that is all about the marketing (No trouble). As chief of Google, Facebook, Instagram, our website, SEO, analytics and other things that goes way above our creative heads, she soars through the clouds like a boss. Caroline is also responsible for taking photos, capturing the #woodvibes at our songwriting camps, as well as giving out smiles and sharing her positive way of thinking. If that’s not enough, she’s also a SoMe supervisor at Birken, one of Norway's biggest sports events. With an upcoming masters degree and her sick ukulele skills, she shines bright like a 8 bit diamond in the digital marketing sky.

Ola "VLO" Frøyen

Ola is the tallest sapling in The Woods. Despite his young age, Ola has gained a lot of experience producing and writing, both directly for artist cases or leads. He is a positive and nice guy, who always keeps a good vibe in sessions, resulting in a lot of returning co-writers and artists.


His distinctive and modern sound mixed with a young and fresh mindset is a great addition to any session that needs that little extra. Ola produces quality tracks in any genre, and makes sure to add a distinctive, recognisable touch to anything he does. He approaches every session with an open mind and is always ready to create something new.

Sindre Timberlid Jenssen

Sindre is a lyricist, eccentric investor, rapper and storyteller who loves a good challenge. As a songwriter, he writes compelling stories with a modern language. By adding his unique lyrics, you’ll be one ingredient closer to the perfect recipe for a great song. Sindre is a dedicated, honest co-writer that works hard to get the full potential out of every session. No one fully understands what goes on in his spare time, but somehow he’s always prepared for something new.

Carl-Henrik Wahl

Here’s your guy for songwriting camp or session enquiries if you’re planning a trip to The Woods. 

As the keeper of The Woods he watches over the wildlife and makes sure everyone is busy and fed. 


He takes every task with the utmost importance, either if it’s making a reggae track with squeaky toys or casting 15 songwriting camps a year.  He is one of the co-founders here at The Woods and one of his strong suits are coming up with ideas that the rest of us either embrace with all the passion in the world, or simply cut down with an axe. 

Jonas “JJ” Jensen

Jonas is a producer who understands how to carry your creative vision to its full potential. With a sharp eye for detail, a patient, empathic nature and years of experience under his belt, he is a seasoned producer who knows how to inspire the group in a session. He plays multiple instruments and composes effortlessly across genres and his experience is what allows him to bring out the best in others.


He is one of the co-founders and co-owners of The Woods, and when he’s not creating your new favourite song, he spends his time catching all the balls Carl-Henrik throws in the air.

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