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The Woods are located in Rena, a small town in the countryside of Norway. On this page you will get all the travel information you need as well as some information about  sightseeing in Norway.


Is Oslo Lufthavn/Oslo Airport/Gardermoen (OSL) and is located between Oslo (capitol of Norway) and Rena. 


Station name RENA.

Takes about two hours from the Airport. Go North to HAMAR. Here you need to change train, to the one leaving from platform 2, heading North-East to Rena. 

The tickets you need to buy is from Oslo Lufthavn (Oslo airport) to Rena. Keep in mind that there's not too many trains going to Rena, and the latest train from Oslo Lufthavn usually goes at 18.59, except on Saturdays at 14.59. Always check the train departures before booking your flights.

Tickets are cheaper to buy in advance at: (norwegian)

Skjermbilde 2019-07-18 kl. 23.40.42.png


Adress to The Woods is:

Tollef Kildesgate 50

2450 Rena


Adress to the hotel is: 

Trudvanggata 2

2450 Rena.

Free car park next to the hotel


The hotel (Trudvang Apartment) and the studio (The Woods) are located at each end of the train station platform. When you're stepping out of the train, facing the town, the hotel is on the right, and the studio is on the left. Both are literally a one and a half minute walk from the train station. 

Rena is located in Åmot, Østerdalen. The region has just under 4500 inhabitants. However, in spite of being small, it offers a wide range of activities and events, both within culture and sport. Rena and its surroundings have excellent conditions for a versatile outdoor life. Please ask us if you would like any recommendations.

Map over Rena with Hotel and studio.jpg


Link from the local county:

PDF from the local municipally: 

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