Jonas "JJ" Jensen

Jonas is a producer, guitarist and songwriter who is frequently played on major Norwegian radio stations such as P1, P3 and mp3, and he had one of the longest playing songs on P3 in 2020. His music has been played on Norwegian television channels such as NRK 1, and featured in TV series like SKAM, among others. Jonas' favourite genres are Pop, Indie pop, RnB, Hip-Hop, EDM, K-pop, Disco and Funk.


His recent collaboratoins includes Anne Judith Stokke Wik (40 Billboard Chart no. 1, EXO, Red Velvet, TWICE), Anna Timgren (TWICE, LOONA), Pascal Nanlohy (Sam Feldt), Sarah de Warren (Martin Jensen, Kaskade, Mike Perry), Stevie Appleton (Sam Feldt, Tiesto, Klingande), Eric Lumiere (Nicky Romero, DJ Antoine, Tritonal), Ben Adams (A1), Gold Spectacles (8 Hype Machine top 10), Synne Vo (Ikkje Tenk På Meg), Temur (Fy Faen), Rou Reynolds (Enter Shikari), Thomas G:son (Loreen, winner of ESC 2012), Doron Madalie (Netta, winner of ESC 2018)


Carl-Henrik Wahl

Carl-Henrik Wahl is a music producer with over 250 releases to his name. His music has been played on Norwegian radio stations such as P3, P1 and mp3, and on norwegian television channel NRK 1. His productions has featured in the Norwegian TV series SKAM, among others. Carl has an affinity for upbeat and energic music and is the right producer for you if you seek to make pumping EDM, K-pop or pop with a twist.


Recent sessions include; Linda Quero (ITZY) Anna Timgren (TWICE) Anne Judith Stokke Wiik (40 Billboard no. 1) Eric Lumiere (Nicky Romero, Ferry Corsten) Pascal Nahonly (Sam Feldt), Henrik Tala (Keiino) Tooji, Chris Abolade, Kyle Alessandro (Norways Got Talent, Golden Buzzer) Synne Vo, Mørland (Eurovision Winner Norway), Henrik Heaven, Reidun Sæther, Jeanette Krommen (Norways Got Talent) Oda Gondrosen (Idol)


Ola Frøyen

Ola is a producer, mixer and songwriter. He has eight years of production experience and has worked with hundreds of artists, songwriters and producers. This has led to his music being featured on the biggest norwegian radio stations such as NRK P3 and on Norwegian television channel NRK 1, and he is frequently listed on New Music Friday. Ola is a versatile producer and his favourite genres are Pop, Indie pop, EDM, Hip-hop, Lo-fi, R&B, and Afro-pop. Ola receives praise for his original sound design, and some people consider him to be something of a savant.


His recent collaborations include: Anne Judith Stokke Wiik (dsign music, 40 Billboard Chart no. 1) Alan Roy Scott (Celine Dion, Notorious B.I.G, Ricky Martin) Anna Timgren (TWICE, LOONA) Pascal Nanlohy (Sam Feldt), Gaute Ormåsen, Eric Lumiere (DJ Antoine, Nicky Romero, Ferry Corsten) Gold Spectacles (8 Hype Machine top 10) Tooji, Temur (Record Norwegian streaming numbers) and up and coming artists like GULLA and EHLE.


Elsbeth "EHLE" Rehder

Elsbeth is a Norwegian artist, vocalist and topliner that has been featured on Norwegian radio under the artist name EHLE. In 2020 her song Finders Keepers was named song of the year by the listeners of the BeNation music podcast (UK).


Torgeir Ryssevik

Torgeir is producer and songwriter with ten years of experience. He’s classically trained in piano, but enjoys to start the sessions with drums, and play the bassguitar. The past year, Torgeir has been listed multiple times in Norwegian and Swedish Spotify Charts, several tracks on National Radio (P1, P3 and mp3) and participates in Norwegian Eurovision in 2021 with 2 songs. His favorite genres are Funk, EDM, and Pop, and loves working with something upbeat and non-generic. He’s also capable working with any project in most commercial genres.


Recent Sessions include; Anne Judith Stokke wiik (dsign music, 40 Billboard Chart no. 1), Eric Lumiere (DJ Antoine, Nicky Romero, Ferry Corsten), Gold Spectacles (8 Hype Machine top 10) Kyle Alessandro (Norways Got Talent, Golden Buzzer) Ingrid Skretting (Girls Generation) Doron Medalie (Eurovision International Winner 2018), Caroline Hartung (Wicked Wonderland) Henrik Høven (Anisa), Nic Luken (Nashville TV series), Alan Roy Scott (Notorius BIG, Celine Dion, Ray Charles), Synne Vo, Conan Mac.


Sindre Timberlid Jenssen

Sindre is a lyricist and songwriter. He has been part of a team running a studio and publishing company for three tears, and during that time his music has found its way onto norwegian radio channels such as p3 and mp3, TV channels such as NRK 1, and playlists like New Music Friday on Spotify. Sindre has always loved writing and is considered to be an avant garde lyricist by some people. In 2019 he was part of a rap and pop duo who warmed up for Norwegian artist Tix at an event.

Recent Sessions include; Chris Young (Kylie Minogue, Nervo, Jason Derulo), Kim Hamang (Two #1's on Chinese Billboard), Ben Adams, Christian Ingebritsen, Anna Timgren (TWICE, LOONA), Gold Spectacles, Pascal Nanlohy (Sam Feldt), Eric Lumiere (Nicky Romero, DJ Antoine, Cosmic Gate, Tritonal), Temur, Conan Mac, Synne Vo, Ingrid Skretting (Girls Generarion).


Lasse Midtsian Nymann

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter, Lasse Nymann, brings you a futuristic take on soulful soundwaves. He graduated from Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts in 2020. His electronic take on a genreless repertoire has brought him to collabs with the likes of Resa (Theresa Eggesbø), Blåsemafian (Eurovision Norway semi final winner), Noa Klay, BassBears, nowifi, Conan Mac, Christian Ingebrigtsen (A1, Eurovision Norway #1), 1G3 (Adidas), Magnus Klausen (Steflon Don, Ebenezer), MAREN, antonia, HUTS (Sam Feldt), Harris & Ford, IMERIKA (Anders Nilsen), Gold Spectacles, Pascal Nanlohy (Sam Feldt), Jimmy Clash (Heartfeldt), Elsa Søllesvik (Elsa & Emilie) and many more.