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Jonas "JJ" Jensen

Jonas is a songwriter, producer, guitarist and mixing engineer who is frequently played on major Norwegian radio stations such as P1, mp3, and he had one of the longest playing songs on P3 in 2020. His music has been played on Norwegian television channels such as NRK 1, and featured in TV shows like SKAM, MGP and others. Jonas' favourite genres are Pop, Indie pop, RnB, Hip-Hop, EDM, K-pop, Disco and Funk.

Besides being a songwriter and producer, Jonas has been working as an entrepreneur in the music industry for over a decade. He is one of the co-founders of The Woods and is working with songwriting camps, lables and publishing, as well as being an university lecturer in production and songwriting.


His recent collaboratoins includes: Subwoolfer, Andreas Stone (Multi-Platinum Awarded Songwriter/Producer), Elsie Bay, Anne Judith Stokke Wik (40 Billboard no1, EXO, Red Velvet, TWICE, Girls Generation), Anna Timgren (TWICE, LOONA), Pascal Nanlohy (Sam Feldt), Sarah de Warren (Martin Jensen, Kaskade, Mike Perry), Stevie Appleton (Sam Feldt, Tiesto, Klingande), Gold Spectacles (8 Hype Machine top 10), Synne Vo (Ikkje Tenk På Meg), Thomas G:son (Loreen, winner of ESC 2012), Doron Madalie (Netta, winner of ESC 2018)

Profilbilde CH.jpg

Carl-Henrik Wahl

Carl-Henrik Wahl is the Forest Keeper at The Woods, managing the team and all the songwriting camps. He's also a music producer with over 250 releases to his name. CH has an affinity for upbeat and energic music and loves to produce EDM and pop with a twist. Keith and Jim of Subwoolfer also kidnapped him and have been translating for them on their journey through Eurovision 2022. "Give that Wolf a Banana" reached the top 10 in more than 20 countries and the track peaked at #6 on the Spotify Viral Global Charts.


Recent sessions include; Kanata Okajima (BTS) Umami Tsunami (MGP) Linda Dahle (Queen of Kings 2023) Elov og Beny, Aili (Sami Grand Prix) Ben Adams, Hagle, Gaute Ormåsen, Linda Quero (ITZY), Evelina Moholt, Anna Timgren (TWICE) Eric Lumiere (Nicky Romero, Ferry Corsten) Pascal Nahonly (Sam Feldt), Henrik Tala (Keiino) Synne Vo, Mørland (Eurovision Winner Norway), Reidun Sæther, Jeanette Krommen (Norways Got Talent)


Ola Frøyen

Ola is a producer, mixer and songwriter. He has ten years of production experience and has worked with hundreds of artists, songwriters and producers. This has led to his music being featured on the biggest norwegian radio stations such as NRK P3, NRK P1 and on Norwegian television channel NRK, and he is frequently listed on editorial playlists and New Music Friday. Ola is a versatile producer and his favourite genres are Pop, Indie pop, EDM, Hip-hop, Lo-fi, R&B, and Afro-pop. Ola receives praise for his original sound design, and some people consider him to be something of a savant.


His recent collaborations include: Hagle, EHLE, Subwoolfer, Synne Vo, Roc Boyz, Anne Judith Stokke Wiik (dsign music, 40 Billboard Chart no. 1) Alan Roy Scott (Celine Dion, Notorious B.I.G, Ricky Martin), Anna Timgren (TWICE, LOONA), Kanata Okajima (BTS), Pascal Nanlohy (Sam Feldt), Gaute Ormåsen, Eric Lumiere (DJ Antoine, Nicky Romero, Ferry Corsten), Gold Spectacles (8 Hype Machine top 10), Temur (Record Norwegian streaming numbers).


Elsbeth "EHLE" Rehder

Elsbeth is a Norwegian artist, vocalist and topliner that has been featured on Norwegian radio under the artist name EHLE. In 2020 her song Finders Keepers was named song of the year by the listeners of the BeNation music podcast (UK).

Profilbilde Torgeir.JPG

Torgeir Ryssevik

Producer, songwriter, artist and multi-instrumentalist, Torgeir "Ryss" Ryssevik, delivers a wide range of genres, with his own unique and recognisable flavor, and always within the pop-umbrella. He usually leans quite heavily towards upbeat, club-friendly music. Ryss has had several listings on national radio (P1, P3 and mp3), and has been listed multiple times in Norwegian and Swedish Spotify charts, both as an artist, and as a producer/songwriter for other artists. In 2021 and 2022 he had a total of 4 entries in the Norwegian Eurovision, reaching the final in 2022 and 2023. Ryss' music can also be heard in the multi-award winning Norwegian TV-show Rådebank.


Notable collaborations include: Hagle, Roc Boyz, VIKING_DEATH_TRAP.EXE, Subwoolfer, Eric Lumiere (DJ Antoine, Nicky Romero, Ferry Corsten), Gold Spectacles (8 Hype Machine top 10), Ingrid Skretting (Girls Generation), Gaute Ormåsen, Doron Medalie (Eurovision International Winner 2018), Alan Roy Scott (Notorius BIG, Celine Dion, Ray Charles), Ben Adams (A1), Synne Vo, Conan Mac, Carina Dahl, Christian Ingebrigtsen (A1 Norwegian Eurovision winner 2020) and Andreas Stone (42 r. 1 in Japan and Korea, 10 songs in Swedish and Norwegian Eurovision).


Sindre Timberlid Jenssen

Sindre is a lyricist and songwriter. He has been part of a team running a studio and publishing company for three tears, and during that time his music has found its way onto norwegian radio channels such as p3 and mp3, TV channels such as NRK 1, and playlists like New Music Friday on Spotify. Sindre has always loved writing and is considered to be an avant garde lyricist by some people. In 2019 he was part of a rap and pop duo who warmed up for Norwegian artist Tix at an event.

Recent Sessions include; Chris Young (Kylie Minogue, Nervo, Jason Derulo), Kim Hamang (Two #1's on Chinese Billboard), Ben Adams, Christian Ingebritsen, Anna Timgren (TWICE, LOONA), Gold Spectacles, Pascal Nanlohy (Sam Feldt), Eric Lumiere (Nicky Romero, DJ Antoine, Cosmic Gate, Tritonal), Temur, Conan Mac, Synne Vo, Ingrid Skretting (Girls Generarion).

Profilbilde Oscar.heic

Oscar Immanuel Mathisen

Oscar is a music producer and songwriter with 15 years of music production experience. He started out as an EDM bedroom producer, and eventually became part of the team at The Woods. He has worked with countless songwriters, artists and producers. He is a versatile producer that loves to challenge himself and has worked with a broad range of genres from pop, EDM, indie, K-pop and even opera. His songs are frequently on Spotify editorial playlists and played on major norwegian radio stations


Recent sessions include; Roc Boyz, Ben Adams (A1), Gaute Ormaasen, Alan Roy Scott (Celine Dion, Notorious B.I.G, Ricky Martin), Linda Dahle (Alessandra), Thomas Felberg (WE, Spellemannprisen rock award recipient), Ima Sobé (ItaloBrothers, Tungevaag), Oda Gondrosen (Eurovision Norway), Erika Dahlen (IMERIKA), Elsa Søllesvik (Eurovision Norway finalist), Eli K. Hansveen (Stjernekamp), Jeanette Krommen (Norways Got Talent), Emmy (Eurovision Norway), Tuveia

Profilbilde Henrik.heic

Henrik Østlund

Henrik is a producer and mixing engineer with 9 years of experience. He is The Woods latest member and has already worked with a variety of projects related to Eurovision and the K-pop industry. Throughout his career he has devoted his time to EDM, Indie and Hip-hop passionately.


Artists such as Yeat, SoFaygo, Yung Lean, Toro y Moi and Jai Paul are some of the biggest influences when it comes to his “sound”. A versatile yet solid producer that provides creative freedom to the artist, whilst keeping it commercial. 


Kristian "HAUX" Haugstøyl

Kristian is one of our newest members here at the woods. Kristian is a versatile musician known for his talents as a singer, demo producer, songwriter. With a proficiency in multiple instruments including guitar, bass, and piano, he combines his musical prowess to create captivating hooks, and top lines. His creative journey is shaped by a diverse range of influences, with notable inspirations including artists such as Post Malone, Panic at the Disco, and Shawn Mendes. Kristian's dedication to his craft and his ability to seamlessly blend various musical elements make him a standout artist in the industry.


Hennika Larsen

Hennika is an artist and songwriter.


As an artist, Hennika has been featured on NRK MP3 playlists and radio multiple times. Nordic pop has been a significant inspiration for her music.


Hennika has collaborated with many different artists and songwriters in the past four years, such as Linda Dale (Eurovision 2023 - "Queen of Kings"), André Jensen and Olav Tokerud (from the band Hagle), Elsa Søllesvik (Elsiebay) and Carl Henrik Wahl (Eurovision 2022 - «Give that wolf a banana»).


Jasio Laszczyk

Jan 'Jasio' Laszczyk is a producer, beatmaker, and sound engineer currently residing in Norway. With a Polish background, he began his musical career in 2018 as a 'bedroom' beatmaker/producer. His musical influences and favorite styles include genres such as Hip-Hop/Rap, Slap House, and Phonk. In early 2021, he delved deeper into the music industry, and his productions have been featured on the Norwegian editorial playlists such as New Music Friday, Flammer, and Norsk Rap.


Currently, he is finishing up his bachelor's degree in Music Business and Production at Inland University of Applied Sciences.


Christian Østmoe

Christian Østmoe is a producer, mixer, songwriter and guitarist with 6 years of experience as a professional. His productions are frequently playlisted on the official playlists of Spotify such as New Music Friday, Ny Pop and Laid Back Beats. He has had the number 1 spot on the viral charts and multiple listings on the top 50 viral charts of Spotify. His music has also been featured on major radio stations such as NRK mp3 and TV shows such as Ex On The Beach Norway. Christian does all genres and especially thrives in Pop, whether it be downtempo and groovy or up-tempo and energetic. He is known for being a hard worker and is always on the cutting edge of sound. 


Recent Sessions include: Mike Perry, Alan Roy Scott (The Notorious BIG, Celine Dion, Ray Charles, Ricky Martin), Mørland (2x Eurovision WinnerNorway), Jun Kim (Nas), Oda Gondrosen (Idol, Eurovision), Ole Hartz (Eurovision Norway), Emmy(Eurovision Norway), Oliver Mathisen(The Voice Norway), Aili (Sami Grand Prix), Magnus Winjum (Mgp Jr., Klassen), Ella (Ella & The Pepperjuice)

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